Recovering From An Ankle InjuryRecovering From An Ankle Injury

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Recovering From An Ankle Injury

My name is Brandon Stewart and one of my weekend hobbies is playing football with a neighborhood team. A few months ago, I twisted my ankle while playing the game. My ankle was sore, but I hobbled around on it for several days before my wife insisted that I see a podiatrist. The doctor examined my foot and his diagnosis was a sprained ankle. I carefully followed the instructions of the podiatrist and it wasn't long before my ankle was as good as new. The podiatrist even told me that he was impressed with my recovery time. My wife suggested that I write this blog to help others who have an ankle injury. In this blog, I'm documenting everything that happened from the moment I twisted my ankle. I hope that by reading my story, it will help you to recover quickly from your ankle injury too.

Why Do The Sides Of Your Feet Hurt So Much?

Heel, toe, and arch pain are some of the most common problems of the foot. But some people also develop searing pain in the sides of their feet. If you suffer from side foot pain, take action to ease it. Here are reasons and solutions for the strange pain in your feet.

Why Do the Sides of Your Feet Ache?

Side foot pain, or lateral foot pain, can strike just about anyone, including runners and construction workers. The condition can develop if you tear a muscle, pull a ligament, or fracture a bone in your foot and ankle. Lateral foot pain can occur in people who have inflammation in their joints and tendons. 

Many people try to avoid lateral foot pain by walking on their toes, balls of the foot, or heels. You may place more weight and stress on your toes, soles, and heels than necessary, which can lead to pain and inflammation in these areas. Some people develop metatarsalgia and heel spurs when they overuse the balls of their feet and toes.

If the cause of your side foot pain is minor, such as a sore muscle, you may be able to overcome it with rest and ice. Pain that develops from bone fractures or tissue tears may not be so easy to treat with home remedies. In this case, you need to see a foot doctor for treatment.

What Should You Do About Lateral Foot Pain?

A foot doctor or podiatrist will need to examine both of your feet with X-rays before they make a diagnosis. The pain in your feet could be due to a lateral foot injury, or it may be caused by something else. Once a podiatrist determines the exact cause of your side foot pain, they can treat it. 

The treatment for side foot pain may vary, depending on the reason for it. For instance, if arthritis caused your foot pain, you may need cortisone injections to control the inflammation in your feet. If you have broken bones in your soles or toes, you may need to wear small braces on your feet. The braces stabilize the tissues until they grow back together or heal.

If the sides of your feet continue to hurt after treatment, speak to a podiatrist right away. A foot doctor may need to look at other treatments that can benefit or help you.

You can learn more about side foot pain by consulting a foot doctor near you today. Visit sites like to learn more about foot doctors in your area.