Recovering From An Ankle InjuryRecovering From An Ankle Injury

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Recovering From An Ankle Injury

My name is Brandon Stewart and one of my weekend hobbies is playing football with a neighborhood team. A few months ago, I twisted my ankle while playing the game. My ankle was sore, but I hobbled around on it for several days before my wife insisted that I see a podiatrist. The doctor examined my foot and his diagnosis was a sprained ankle. I carefully followed the instructions of the podiatrist and it wasn't long before my ankle was as good as new. The podiatrist even told me that he was impressed with my recovery time. My wife suggested that I write this blog to help others who have an ankle injury. In this blog, I'm documenting everything that happened from the moment I twisted my ankle. I hope that by reading my story, it will help you to recover quickly from your ankle injury too.

How To Ease Post-Surgery Foot Pain Without The Need For Opioids

Opioid addiction has gained a lot of attention lately. Patients often begin taking opioids after surgery in order to manage pain, but then when they try to ease themselves off of the medications, they find that they are addicted. Opioid drugs can be used responsibly, but if you are someone who has a history of addiction, you may want to avoid them entirely after surgery. Is this even possible? How can you keep your foot pain manageable after a podiatric surgery? Read More 

What You Need to Know About Orthotics

Many products in this world abide by the fact of life that one size does not fit all people. Orthotics are just such a case. Orthotics specialists are medical professionals whose job is to ensure that footwear and the inserts for footwear are tailored to the needs of the folks who use them. Take a look at how such a simple idea can have a profound impact on one's health. Read More