Recovering From An Ankle InjuryRecovering From An Ankle Injury

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Recovering From An Ankle Injury

My name is Brandon Stewart and one of my weekend hobbies is playing football with a neighborhood team. A few months ago, I twisted my ankle while playing the game. My ankle was sore, but I hobbled around on it for several days before my wife insisted that I see a podiatrist. The doctor examined my foot and his diagnosis was a sprained ankle. I carefully followed the instructions of the podiatrist and it wasn't long before my ankle was as good as new. The podiatrist even told me that he was impressed with my recovery time. My wife suggested that I write this blog to help others who have an ankle injury. In this blog, I'm documenting everything that happened from the moment I twisted my ankle. I hope that by reading my story, it will help you to recover quickly from your ankle injury too.

Tips for Dealing with Chronic Foot Pain

Feet are often the most abused and neglected part of the body, yet they have one of the most important functional jobs. When your feet hurt, it's miserable to stand or walk. Many people just tolerate foot pain as a fact of life, but you don't have to. When your feet give you constant problems and they feel miserable, visit a foot doctor for relief. There's a reason why your feet cause pain and a foot doctor can pinpoint it and come up with a treatment that helps. Here are some things you can do to help ease foot pain.

Maintain Your Ideal Weight

Being overweight puts more stress on your feet than necessary. If you're overweight most of your life, that can take a toll on the joints and tendons in your feet. That can make you more prone to foot pain and damage that causes chronic pain. Even thin people have foot pain, but if you are closer to your ideal weight, you can at least eliminate pain that is caused from carrying too much weight around.

Wear the Best Shoes

You don't want to buy cheap shoes to save money because you'll probably pay for it later in foot care costs or pain. You should try to buy the best shoes you can afford so your feet have proper support for the arches, sides, and ankles. Wearing the right kind of shoes can prevent a number of foot problems that are caused from lack of support or from crowding your toes. Your podiatrist can help you choose the right size for your shoes as well as the best type of shoe for your gait. He or she may recommend specific podiatrist-approved brands or have shoes custom made for your feet.

Try Shoe Inserts

Shoe inserts can often make a big difference in comfort when you need to stand or walk all day on the job. Some have cushioning for your entire sole or in areas where you bear weight such as the ball of your foot and heel. Other inserts are designed for comfort while others are made to correct a gait abnormality or to treat a foot condition. For instance, a heel lift can help with pain from plantar fasciitis. If you're looking for a shoe insert to help with foot pain rather than general comfort, contact services like Mid Nebraska Foot Clinic for advice. You can even have them made from molds of your feet if necessary for a precision fit that provides the ultimate in comfort and support.

Rest Your Feet Often

Foot pain is often caused by tiny injuries in the fascia or tendons. These areas need to heal so the pain can go away. Try to put up your feet and rest as much as possible. Although you may need to be on your feet most of the day, stop for rest breaks when you can. Massage your feet often to improve circulation and break up old scar tissue. An ice massage may even help with pain relief. If you run frequently, you may need to limit your recreational activities until your feet heal. Your foot doctor may even teach you strengthening and stretching exercises or provide you with soft braces to wear at night to further speed healing.